The Scottish Government today updated the Scottish Parliament following their three weekly review on Scotland’s Route Map Out of Lockdown.

Scotland will not move from phase 3 of our route map out of lockdown to phase 4. We will remain, for now, in phase 3 and the First Minist indicated that this may well be the case beyond the next review point in three weeks also.

Speaking in Parliament the First Minister said: “For us to move to phase 4, we would have to be satisfied that the virus is no longer considered a significant threat to public health. As today’s figures have demonstrated, and as has been confirmed to me in advice from the Chief Medical Officer, this is definitely not the case.”

Today’s update therefore set out which phase 3 restrictions are to be changed in the coming weeks, while other necessary restrictions remain in place.

Easing of restrictions over coming weeks include:

From Monday 24th August:

  • Organised outdoor sports for all ages can resume.
  • Certain outdoor live events, in open space or with seating, and while Rdmaintaining physical distancing and restricted numbers will be able to go ahead.
  • Driving lessons will resume
  • Child contact centres will be able to open.
  • Face-to-face advise services can resume.
  • Bingo halls with physical distancing and adherence to strict guidelines will reopen.
  • Amusement arcades and casinos can reopen.
  • Snooker/pool halls and bowling alleys can reopen.
  • Static and travelling funfairs can resume operating. G

From Monday 31st August:

  • Indoor gyms can open.
  • Swimming pools with strict guidance can reopen.
  • Indoor sports parks can open – this includes climbing walls and dance studies.  For over 12s non contact sports only.
  • Indoor activities for children and young people will be permitted.


Indicative Dates – which are liable to change if numbers deteriorate.

Monday 14th September:

  • Soft play can open with guidance including no ball pools and enhanced hygiene.
  • Certain indoor live events subject to guidance and enhanced hygiene.
  • Contact sports for adults in indoor sports courts can resume.
  • Stadiums can open with limited capacity and strict guidance.
  • Some outdoor live events (standing) with physical distancing.

Scottish are not yet setting a date for the reopening of non-essential call centres and offices. They have indicated this will be reviewed again at the next review point. The conclusion the Scottish Government have made is that a return to working in offices – unless that work is essential and cannot be completed at home – presents too great a risk at this time.

Nicola Sturgeon said: “”If we opened everything up, the overall impact would be too great. The virus would get away from us – and we would, in all likelihood, be forced to reintroduce restrictions none of us want to see. ”

Enforcement Powers

At today’s briefing the First Minister also announced the Scottish Government’s intention to give local authorities the power to act in respect of individual, specific premises that are breaching guidelines and risking transmission of the virus.

This power would enable local authorities either to close such premises – or to impose conditions on their opening – where they deem that is necessary for the purpose of preventing, protecting against, or controlling the spread of infection.

Police Scotland will also be given police powers of enforcement to break up and disperse large indoor gatherings such as house parties.