Today the First Minister gave her three weekly review on Scotland’s Route Map out of lockdown.  Scotland is to remain in phase 3, but Nicola Sturgeon did announce some change, and gave some indicative dates.


Now that the virus prevalence is at low levels in Scotland the FM has announced that Shielding will be paused from this Saturday 1st August 2020.  People in this category will now follow the general public health advice.  The support line and text service will remain operational and will continue to communicate key advice to those in this category.

3rd August 2020
  • Relaxation of some rules for support groups and services, and for sports coaches once all relevant guidance is implemented.
  • Routine eye care services can be provided within community optometry practices and in patient’s homes.
11th August 2020
  • Children will be able to return to school full time. This will be a phased return in some cases but expect all children back full time by week of 18th

17th August 2020
  • Urgent dental care involving aerosols may begin in practices for NHS patients.

There is no further fixed dates being announced today but the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon did give a some indicative dates, which are subject to potential change if the virus levels change.

Non-Essential Offices
  • Non-essential offices and call centres unfortunately are to remain CLOSED, and should not expect further movement on this until after the 11th September.
Indicative date for re-opening on 24th August
  • Live events outdoors expected to be able to resume with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers.
  • Organised outdoor contact sports for all ages expected to be able to resume.
  • Bingo halls expected to reopen with physical distancing
  • Funfairs, amusements and static arcades expected to reopen.
  • Snooker/pool halls, indoor bowling expected to reopen once appropriate guidance implemented.
  • Driving lessons expected to resume.
Indicative date for re-opening on 14th August
  • Indoor gyms and swimming pools expected to re-open with physical distancing and enhanced hygiene.
  • Soft plays expected to reopen once appropriate measures implemented.
  • Live events indoors may reopen with appropriate guidance.
  • Other indoor entertainment venues such as theatres expected to return with physical distancing and appropriate guidance implemented.
  • Indoor sports courts expected to be allowed to reopen.
  • Limited capacity stadium opening expected to be allowed with appropriate mitigations.