Now I have been back at Westminster for a few months, I have been able to reflect on a fantastic election result when the people of Glasgow South West again put their faith in me to be their MP.

When Parliament voted to hold a General Election, I could not reasonably have hoped for a more emphatic victory for me or the party in this election in Scotland.

On Thursday 12th December, I won an incredible 48% of the vote in Glasgow South West; with the SNP winning over 80% of the seats across Scotland. This was an overwhelming endorsement of our local campaign and national message of stopping Brexit and giving the people of Scotland the right to choose their future.

I want to thank the people of this wonderful and diverse constituency for giving me an overwhelming majority, again putting their faith in me to represent them in the UK Parliament.

Your support will never be taken for granted.  As the MP I will continue every day to do all I can to remain in your trust and working as a strong local champion who is accessible and transparent.

However, I will also act on the mandate given to me.

In the SNP manifesto, we put forward an outward-looking, internationalist vision for Scotland, and we must continue to fight for that.

The SNP will remain the “real” official opposition at Westminster, while Labour examines and goes through a process reflection after what is one of the worst election results in their history.

The SNP group will do whatever we can to protect Scotland from what I deeply fear will be an extremely damaging Tory Government for ordinary people.

That means I will stand in defence of our NHS, will fight the Tory attempts to sell out workers’ rights after Brexit and give voice to those most in need of support who have time and time again been used as pawns in the Tory austerity agenda.

However, despite all within the SNP’s best efforts, the Westminster system will never work for Scotland, and we can only do so much against a buoyant right-wing Boris Johnson Government who have set their sights on taking a bonfire to workers’ rights and the human rights that protect each and every one of us.

Regrettably, I must accept that the people across England and Wales gave this Government that mandate, however, the Scottish voters fundamentally rejected it.

The Conservatives in Scotland fought their entire campaign in Scotland on a single issue. They bombarded voters across the country with a relentless message that a vote for their party was a vote against the right of the Scottish people to decide their future – a vote against second independence referendum.

Well, that message was rejected, overwhelmingly, with Tories losing over half of their seats.