I’m pleased to offer you a glimpse into the pivotal moments captured in my newsletter, highlighting my activities throughout September, October, and the commencement of November.

[Open Newsletter]

Gaza and the Call for Ceasefire – #CeasefireNOW

In the opening pages of this newsletter, I address the pressing issue of the conflict in Gaza. With a passionate call for an immediate ceasefire.

Dementia in Football and Universal Credit Deductions: Advocacy on Multiple Fronts

Turning our attention closer to home, I delve into my recent work featured in the Daily Record, focusing on dementia in football. Additionally, I share insights into my ongoing efforts advocating for fair and compassionate policies, particularly in relation to universal credit deductions.

A Resounding Unopposed Selection: Glasgow South West’s SNP Candidate

I’m honoured to announce my unopposed selection as the SNP candidate for the newly redefined Glasgow South West seat. This resounding show of support fills me with gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility.

The King’s Speech: A Scottish Perspective

Reflecting on the recent King’s speech, I delve into its substance, or rather, the lack thereof concerning the unique needs and aspirations of the people of Scotland.

Spotlight on Local Impact: The Me 2 Club

In this edition, I turn the spotlight on a remarkable local organisation, the Me 2 Club, which is making a significant difference in our constituency. Their tireless efforts deserve our recognition and support.

SNP Conference Highlights and Local Engagements

The newsletter also provides a glimpse into my participation in the SNP conference and a brief rundown of my recent activities in both Glasgow South West and Westminster.

I invite you to delve into the details of these articles and updates in the full newsletter. Your feedback and insights are always valued as we navigate these dynamic times together.