New Liberal Democratic leader Jo Swinson MP should apologise to the people of Govan after earlier this year quoting inaccurate and misleading figures on BBC Question Time relating to school leavers destinations in Govan.

Earlier this month, The Scottish Index for Multiple Deprivation(SIMD) confirmed in correspondence with me that the figures quoted by the East Dunbartonshire MP were not a true reflection of the situation in Govan. This confirmation came after the Scottish Government, Glasgow City Council

Education Director & Govan High School Head Teacher had all highlighted errors in the figures used by the Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful.

Ms Swinson had inaccurately quoted that just 4% of students leaving high school in Govan went on to higher education, compared to the true figure of over 23%, with 94% of leavers from Govan High School going on to positive destinations.

The 4% figure quoted on BBC Question Time, SIMD believe relates to a Govan and Linthouse intermediate zone. SIMD has advised the figure is based on only one of the indicators used to determine multiple deprivation statistics. They state they should not be used as a way of assessing school leavers destinations as the proportion is based on the overall 17-21-year-old population and not just school leavers; they relate only to entry into a first degree; and the time period is different.

Despite repeated calls by myself on behalf of the people of Govan, Jo Swinson MP has not yet apologised