I am delighted to share my newsletter, shedding light on my endeavours over the past few months.

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Parliamentary Work – February 2024

Within my inaugural article, I delve into the work I have undertaken in Westminster. Noteworthy mentions include my advocacy for the fair treatment of subpostmasters, my campaign opposing the Minimum Service Levels Act, and my steadfast belief in the necessity for enhanced, rather than diminished, worker protections.

Infected Blood Scandal

I persist in exerting pressure on the UK Government to dispense long-awaited compensation to victims of the contaminated blood scandal. As public outcry mounts, the affected individuals await the justice and reparation rightfully owed to them. With lives hanging in the balance, there is no room for further procrastination—the time for decisive action is now.

Exciting Developments – The Linthouse Community Shop

I am very pleased to report on the upcoming opening of the Linthouse Community Shop, a collaborative effort between the Linthouse Housing Association and Good Food Scotland.


The UK Government is inexplicably pushing for legislation asserting the safety of Rwanda in the House of Commons. Yet, I question why the Home Office has granted leave to remain for Rwandans seeking refuge in the UK if Rwanda is deemed safe.

Spotlighting Local Impact: Govan Youth Information Project (GYIP)

This edition spotlights the fantastic efforts of another local gem, GYIP, whose impactful contributions are shaping our constituency. Their unwavering dedication merits my acknowledgement and backing.


The newsletter also offers a succinct overview of my recent engagements in both Glasgow South West and Westminster.

I invite you to delve into the details of these articles and updates in the full newsletter. Your feedback and insights are always valued.